We Fast-Track Your Corporate Transformation.

Benefit from one of the Leading Platforms for Strategy Acceleration
with its Track Record Spanning 15 Industries and 86 Countries,
Taking Your People on a Journey
Inspiring Mindset Change through Digital Insights
To Accelerate Your Strategy and Transformation Processes
Even in Times of Covid‑19.

Our purpose

Every strategy starts with an inspirational and enterprising idea.

It involves an exciting story that tells of new and emerging opportunities and how to shape them to ensure a prosperous future.

DAY7 is a leading acceleration platform for strategy and transformation processes. 

We offer a completely new way of taking your people on the journey. 


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of all implementations of strategic plans fail to achieve their goals

Harvard Business Review, 2017

of the executives and middle managers responsible for executing strategy don’t know the strategy
Donald Sull, Charles Sull, and James Yoder, 2018
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of the employees are against change

European Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 2016

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of CEOs consider that their company is not effective at executing their strategy

EY BOX, 12/2019
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Our journey

There are several excellent acceleration platforms on the market: some well-known ones are provided by McKinsey, BCG Platinion, AchieveIT, WorkBoard and humu which was founded by the former HR Senior Vice President of Google. All these platforms compete in accelerating strategies and supporting transformation processes.

At DAY7 we aim to raise to the bar. Our original vision was to offer a comprehensive digital ecosystem for change management, similar to Salesforce’s creation of a digital SaaS solution for CRM.

That did not work out as well as we had hoped since the task was simply too great. But every cloud has a silver lining: our experience made us realize that the most successful part of our digital offer effectively addresses an issue that is seemingly straightforward yet often fiendishly complicated and doomed to failure: namely how to take people on a journey so they are willing to “join the cause”.

In applying this very focus we are uniquely capable of addressing both of the two vastly differing human mindsets when it comes to strategy acceleration: the one that sees a need for “something new”, and the one that simply does not. So how do we do this? By proactively addressing people’s concerns and being deliberately provocative in order to ensure that everyone can identify with what needs to be done – no matter what their starting point might be. Everybody out there talks about the “big picture”, yet we are the ones to paint it: as a visual, comprehensive, interactive and digital experience on a grand scale, mapping both, the human dimension and the strategically relevant issues.


Our USPs

Digitally built, yet human- centered approach for turning strategy into action embracing a broad range of mindsets: optimistic, supportive, sceptical 60% shorter time to people from talking ideas to taking action within weeks transparent flat rate pricing, flexible run times clear objectives and defined deliveries

Use cases

Are you ready to realize your strategy’s maximum potential in line with your very specific framework conditions?

We have an outstanding track record in adapting to all sorts of environments:

DAY7 serves corporate organizations, government bodies, and even consulting firms all around the globe. 

Let’s express that in numbers: our smallest client employs 240 talents, whereas our biggest XXL client accounts for more than 380,000 employees in 127 countries. All in all, over half a million employees and leaders benefit from our approach.

With a proven track record in more than 15 industries, our offer comes in five different sizes to fit your needs.

Profit from flexible runtimes starting from 12 up to 36 months. And meet the only partner who offers you an all-inclusive portfolio with total cost control from day one:



  • Proven and reliable ways to engage people in large transformations,
  • that are scalable for the entire organization
  • and are continously measured and reported to react immediately to the needs of the organization.
  • With a transparent fixed budget that allows total cost control from the first day.

clear business Case

  • Significant reduction of costs related to change and transformation measures for strategy and change consultants, trainers, coaches, etc.
  • Save money thanks to real-time data insights telling you exactly where to make a difference
  • Even in times of Covid-19 you are able to inspire and activate your employees and leaders for new strategic goals

We have been awarded “gold” twice already by global Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards for being the best platform to support strategic transformation processes and the best unique innovative acceleration and development platform. This honors our success in over a dozen different industries with 100,000+ active users at management and employee level.

Getting started

When is the right moment to take advantage of DAY7?

Here are three typical scenarios in need of accelerating your strategy and transformation efforts:

Client buzz

Interested in feedback from our clients? This is how they describe their DAY7 experiences, first-hand:

"I’d like to congratulate you for coming up with such an outstanding program. This is a role model for how we should learn and develop skills globally. It’s educational, cool, digital, and first and foremost, effective. Thank you for your efforts to create such an impactful asset for the group.”
CEO of leading global insurance company
"Not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for which I then have to train my people at enormous cost in order to use it. By contrast, you simply get on with it - promptly."
Head of business transformation at a financial services company
"This is a ‘people-mover’ toolset with captivating, emotional visuals and a great sense of humor in order to reach hearts, minds and hands.”
International banking & finance group
"We’ve exceeded our expectations, and we’re now looking forward to maintaining that momentum."
International semiconductor company
"A great tool and a pleasant journey, feeling constantly informed about group strategy, purpose, working methodologies and IT literacy. Great job!"
International pharmaceutical company


And what can we accelerate for you?

Schedule a free demo session with us to experience real client examples of our customized platform solution.

Central Europe:
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Austria and Eastern Europe:
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And what can we accelerate for you?

Schedule a free demo session with us to experience real client examples of our customized platform solution.